Had a visit from the Seaway News at the last Aleienated Beer Dinner with the Wellington Brewery at the NAV Centre.  A great write up about their experience and a summary of the evening.  I always love hearing about the experiences of my guests.

Had an opportunity to chat with Dan Allaire of the How to Keep Your Man Card Podcast,about the Prud'homme Beer Sommelier program and a little chip and beer pairing.


Check it out....you may just learn how to keep your "Man Card"!

Nice little write up about the Cornwall Summer Beer Fest and my Central Pub School sessions in the Cornwall Standard Freeholder.

There's no shortage of festive brews available this holiday season. Our Angela Vinet had the chance to learn more with Jay Killoran of Aleienated.ca

Similar to wine, there is an actual process to trying a craft beer from the look, to the smell and to the taste. The Boom Breakfast recruited a couple of local beer experts.  Andy Rorabeck from Rurban Brewing Company and Jay Killoran from Aleienated.ca

Have a watch and enhance your beer drinking experience.

A review of an Aleienated Beer dinner from the perspective of first time attendees.  This was a SOLD OUT dinner with 75 guests enjoying the Bar Q beer pairing menu, featuring beers from the Muskoka Brewery. 

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