Jay Killoran is a Prud’homme Certified Beer Sommelier, homebrewer and all-around beer lover. He launched Aleienated to entertain and educate the Cornwall community through beer-related events. 

After spending 17 years living in various cities throughout Southern Ontario, Jay returned to Cornwall in 2011 to discover that his hometown was a craft beer wasteland. It was difficult to find good beer and as a beer lover, he couldn’t let this situation stand. He sought out other beer enthusiasts like himself and joined the now defunct Stormont Beer Tasters Club to share his passion. Later, in 2012, he created aleienated.ca, to express how he felt about being “aleienated”, which is “how a person feels when there is no good beer around, or when there is no one with whom to drink it”. His blog is dedicated to putting a spotlight on Cornwall’s beer community.


In 2013 Jay launched the Aleienated Beer Dinner Series, which was designed to draw attention to the Ontario craft beer industry and to highlight the great restaurants that can be found locally.  He organizes four beer pairing dinners at various independent restaurants which allows chefs to showcase their culinary skill by matching dishes with the chosen beers. 

In his effort to grow the local beer scene by educating others about beer, he decided to enroll into the Prud'homme Beer Sommelier program to expand his own knowledge.  With his recent certification as a Beer Sommelier, Aleienated has grown to include consulting services which involves hospitality staff training, beer consulting, corporate and private events and festival event planning.

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